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Test Drive Unlimited 2: PC Online Play FAQ
Posted by Joseph Paolinelli on 13 October 2011 12:13 PM

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Server Status Notification

Once you start Test Drive Unlimited 2 the game client patcher will appear and make any needed updates. On this patcher is a 'green dot' and a text notification letting you know servers are up. If this dot is showing as 'red', it means online play is currently unavailable.

Even if the servers are down, single player racing action remains available for your automotive enjoyment.

What router ports does Test Drive Unlimited 2 use?

Test Drive Unlimited 2 uses the UDP ports 8889 and 3478 to communicate with servers and other players. For a post with more specific information about how these ports are used, take a look at this forum post:

Please refer to your hardware documentation for help with configuring these ports. You may need to contact your System Administrator if you are behind a university or other large system firewall.

Can I play with others who play on different platforms?

Online play does not cross multiple platforms. If you are playing on PC, you cannot play with Xbox 360 users, XBox360 users cannot play with PS3 users and so on. You still may play with the thousands of players who are using the same platform that you chose, you just can't cross platform boundaries.

I have a NAT Warning, what does this mean?

When you have a NAT warning, you might experience the following symptoms:

  • You cannot hear a certain a player within a game or someone cannot hear you.
  • You cannot join a party or your friend cannot join your party.

If your NAT type setting is Strict (or Moderate), you and other people on networks with similar restrictive settings may not be able to join certain games or hear other people while playing online. For information about NAT settings and altering these settings, take a look at this forum post:

Troubleshooting Suggestions

Some general troubleshooting basics:

  • If you haven't restarted your PC in a while, it's always a good idea to try that first.
  • Make certain that your internet connection is active.
  • If you are behind a Firewall, double check that you opened ports 8889 and 3478.
  • Remember that a Broadband Internet Connection is required.
  • Check the Test Drive Unlimited 2 forum to see if a Server Maintenance has been announced
  • Turn off other programs that may be demanding the majority of your bandwidth, such as bit torrent or downloading large files.
  • If issues continue, try disabling all programs which may depend on internet connectivity and use that bandwidth.

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