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Posted by Joseph Paolinelli on 20 June 2012 09:18 PM

General Information

Inspired by the Atari classic, Centipede: Origins brings an entirely new level of bug-blasting fun to the world-renowned franchise.  Evil vermin are swarming into your precious garden and rapidly destroying everything!   As a peace-loving gnome, you will wage an all-out war against these vile creepy crawlies.  Use upgradable weapons and gadgets that can be purchased from collecting coins to protect your garden from the vicious bugs and the dreaded CENTIPEDE.  

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Centipede: Origins supports in-game micro transaction purchases. If you have issues making an in-game purchase, have a gameplay question, or are having difficulties launching your game you will need to contact Atari Technical Support for assistance at or via email at

If you are having any trouble purchasing or downloading an Atari title for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod please use the Apple Support page at:

Please be sure that when contacting us that you provide the following information:

  • Provide detail of how / where the issue occurred:
  • What carrier / network were you using:
  • Email Address (the one used for purchase):
  • Name (first, last):
  • Address:
  • City:
  • State:      
  • Zip/Postal Code:
  • Phone number:

This will help us look up your purchase record and account information to see if anything can be done to restore any purchases to your account. Please be aware that any missing information will delay our investigation since this information is critical to allow us to properly investigate what may be happening to your account.

Do be advised that it can take up to 48 hours before these investigations are completed and you see any change to your account. If you have any additional questions, or do not see any change to your account, please update your ticket.


How do I earn XP – and what does it get me?

Killing bugs and shooting mushrooms will earn you XP (experience points).  As you stay alive longer in a level, your multiplier increases and the more XP you will earn per bug or mushroom.  Also, the more advanced gardens have multipliers that go up faster, so keep that in mind when selecting a map to play on.

With each increase in XP level, you will unlock access to new Boosts and Gadgets and improved versions of the Boosts and Gadgets you already have access, and new challenging gardens to protect.

You can buy a Potion that can increase the rate you’ll earn XP in the Potions tab of the store.

How do I earn coins – and what can I get with them?

Kill bugs.  Lots and lots of bugs.  Dead bugs randomly drop coins.  You’ll only get credit for the coins you catch – so go get ‘em!

As you stay alive longer in a level, your multiplier increases, which increases the value of each coin.  The harder gardens have multipliers that increase faster, so keep that in mind when selecting a map to play on.

Coins are the primary currency in Centipede: Origins.  Loading up your inventory costs coins for each Boost and Gadget that you take with you.  Unlock additional slots with coins so you can take more than one Boost or Gadget at a time. 

Is there a Boost or Gadget you want to try, but haven’t unlocked yet?  Get it now with coins.

Is there a map you want to visit but haven’t unlocked it yet?  Get it now with coins!

Upgrade your Boosts or Gadgets with coins!

Swap out your Gnome for coins!

Not enough coins? You can find purchasable packs of coins through the in-game store.


I got a pretty good score – now what?

Yeah, maybe you’re theuber-bug slayer, but maybe not.  The proof is in your score. 

If your friends are on iOS 6, you can challenge them through GameCenter.  See who really is the best, and who’s just a newb poser.

Don’t have any friends?  Me neither, so that’s why I’m working on dominating the Leaderboards.  Again, check Game Center and see how you compare on all the gardens.

How do Boosts work – and which one is best?

Boosts are weapons you just tap on to activate.  Generally they’re upgrades to your basic crossbow, although the DDT and Phoenix Stone are exceptions to that.

Which is best is a tough decision?  I like to bring in 3 boosts at a time.  Boosts “chain” together, firing off one after the other, so they’re great for delivering a one-two punch.

Phoenix Stone is always a great choice, because it gives you a second chance (or more on the higher levels).  It provides not only a resurrection, but a death-beam that kills any bugs or mushrooms near you too.

Flame Thrower is fantastic for clearing mushrooms, bugs, and webs at close-range – and even further at the higher levels.

Boom Shot can take out a mushroom in one shot, does splash-damage, and can also destroy some obstacles from your path.  Try chaining this with either Rapid Fire or Wide Shot for some great bug slaying goodness.

What is the DDT Airstrike?

DDT is an awesome Boost – which is why unlocking it has an extra cost to unlock.  Once it is unlocked, you can use it like any other Boost for coins.  It is an airstrike that clears away bugs and mushrooms and can get you out of a tight spot to really get the big multipliers.

How do Gadgets work – and which is best?

Gadgets are weapons that you can drag from your inventory onto the field.  All of them have an area of effect.  This includes things like Grenades that explode killing bugs and mushrooms, turrets that will provide extra fire-power, or towers such as the Fly Trap, Time Warp, or Snow Plant that will effect bugs that get too close.

Gadgets can be effective when throwing them out far into the garden, or keeping them close to defend against Spiders, Fleas, and anything else that gets too close.  Gadgets will last only a short time, cool, and then be available to use again.

Gadgets also require the ground – so they won’t work in some aerial levels.

Grenades are a fantastic choice for any trip into the gardens.  They provide a big area for killing bugs and clearing mushrooms. 

Area effect towers like the Fly Trap, Time Warp, and Snow Plant are good when they’re used to slow advancing Centipedes – and great for leaving them behind to eat Spiders that would otherwise sneak up behind you.

What are potions?

Want to earn coins or XP faster?  Do  the cool-down times for the weapons feel like an eternity?  Then Potions are for you!  They last for many games, so check out the options available through the Store.

I’ve had to reinstall Centipede – but “Restore Items” doesn’t work!  What’s up with that?

Restore Items doesn’t work on “consumable” purchases, or level progress.  At this time, you’ll only be able to restore a DDT unlock purchase, because that’s permanent.

We’re working on a way to back up your progress, and even share progress across multiple devices.  Stay tuned!


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