Wireless Modern Controller FAQ

Q: How do I charge my Wireless Modern Controller?

A: To charge the controller, connect your Atari Wireless Modern Controller to the Atari VCS using the USB Play/Charge cable. Plug the male mini-USB connector into the controller, and plug the male USB connector into any available USB port on the Atari VCS. You can also charge the controller via the USB port on a computer, and most standard USB wall chargers.

Q: What do the lights on my Wireless Modern Controller Mean?

A: The modern controller has a light behind the Atari Fuji logo button in the top right, as well as (4) four LED lights directly below the Atari Fuji logo button. The behavior of the lights has specific meaning.

The Atari Fuji logo button in the center of the controller:

  • Flashing quickly on and off = attempting to pair via Bluetooth
  • Flashing slowly on and off = attempting to reconnect via Bluetooth or if connected via USB
  • Steady glow = powered on

Four vertical LED lights:

  • One LED = 0 to 25% battery life
  • Two LEDs = 26 to 50% battery life
  • Three LEDs = 51 to 75% battery life
  • Four LEDs = 76 to 100% battery life

Q: My Wireless Modern Controller is drifting/moving on its own or is responding inaccurately.

A: Recalibrate your controller:

  1. Connect the MicroUSB cable to the MicroUSB port of the controller.
  2. Hold down the "back arrow", "Atari Fuji logo" and "3 lines" buttons at the same time and connect the USB cable to the USB port of your VCS (or PC).
  3. The LED will give a quick flash indicating this controller is in the calibrate mode.
  4. Rotate the left joystick 360 degrees three times. Rotate the right joystick 360 degrees three times.
  5. Press the left trigger all the way down three times. Press the right trigger all the way down three times.
  6. Press both the "D-PAD Down" and "Y" button at the same time to save and exit the calibrate mode. When you boot or restart your VCS it will check to see if there is a system or BIOS update, and if one is available, it will download and install automatically. You must wait for this process to complete before logging into your profile.

Q: Is the Wireless Modern Controller compatible with other systems?

A: The Atari VCS Wireless Modern Controller is designed to work with the Atari VCS but is also compatible with most PCs and XBox systems.

Q: My Wireless Modern Controller is not pairing.

A: Please see the Bluetooth Pairing article for additional information.