Wireless Classic Joystick FAQ

Q: How do I charge my Wireless Classic Joystick?

A: To charge the controller, connect your Atari Wireless Classic Joystick to the Atari VCS using the USB Play/Charge cable. Plug the male mini-USB connector into the controller, and plug the male USB connector into any available USB port on the Atari VCS. You can also charge the controller via the USB port on a computer, and most standard USB wall chargers.

Q: What do the lights on my Wireless Classic Joystick Mean?

A: The classic joystick has a light behind the Atari Fuji logo button in the top right, and a ring of LED lights around the joystick. The behavior of the lights has specific meaning.

The Atari Fuji logo button in the top right of the controller:

  • Flashing quickly on and off = attempting to pair via Bluetooth
  • Flashing slowly on and off = attempting to reconnect via Bluetooth
  • Steady glow = powered on

The ring of LED lights around the joystick will glow when the controller is powered on. When first powered on, these lights will also indicate the battery charge level. 

  • 0% to 25% of LED ring = 0 to 25% battery life
  • 26% to 50% of LED ring = 26 to 50% battery life
  • 51% to 75% of LED ring = 51 to 75% battery life
  • 76% to 100% of LED ring = 76 to 100% battery life

During gameplay, the LED lights will glow brighter as the joystick is pushed or rotated to indicate direction. Game developers are able to add their own effects to activate the LED ring during gameplay.

Q: Is the Wireless Classic Joystick compatible with other systems?

A: The Atari VCS Wireless Classic Joystick is designed to work with the Atari VCS but is also compatible with most PCs.

Q: My Wireless Classic Joystick is not pairing.

A: Please see the Bluetooth Pairing article for additional information.