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Common Window Elements
Posted by Luis Vera on 05 August 2018 12:22 AM

Most windows share these common interface elements:

Tabs – Many windows contain a row of tabs, which organize the statistics, feedback, and options you will need to access while playing the game. Click on a tab to display the information it contains.

Drop-Down Menus – Some buttons are linked to drop-down menus. Click and hold to display the menu, then move your mouse cursor over the menu item you wish to select and release the mouse button to select it. Some menus, such as the Open / Test / Close Ride menu, will select the next item in the list if you simply click on it.

Buttons – Buttons activate a specific game element.

Close – Click the [X] button to close a window.

Scroll Bar – Some windows contain scroll bars that let you access hidden information. Click on a scroll bar to scroll through your options.

Resize – Click and drag the bottom right corner of a window to expand or contract its size.

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