Here's how you will Submit Your Game for Distribution on the Atari VCS
Posted by Luis Vera on 06 August 2018 01:09 AM

There are a few steps to getting your game submitted and ready for sale on the Atari VCS. Below is a high-level preliminary overview of the key steps in submitting your game for distribution: 

We will ask you to complete and sign the online agreement; once we have the business items out of the way, you will need to tell us all about your game. We will need to know the standard details for the title – things like game type, languages, release date, ratings, etc. via the online submission form.  Once the product information has been supplied, you can upload the latest build of your game to the Atari VCS submissions portal.

After you submit your game, we will review and test your game for compatibility, and check that it is working correctly on the platform. We will also review your game to be sure it contains no objectionable content such as pornography, hate speech, offensive content, malware, illegal, libelous material or content that you do not have rights to. The Atari VCS team will work to move through this process as quickly as possible and will notify you when your game is approved for release. From there, and if approved, the game will be distributed to legions of new fans across the globe!

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