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Where do you stand today with hardware manufacturing and software development?
Posted by Luis Vera on 04 August 2020 11:02 AM

Regarding hardware, the VCS design and engineering development teams have been working closely with our manufacturing partners and suppliers over the past several months.

I am excited to be able to share some initial photos of the first Atari VCS pre-production units, fresh off the assembly line and on their way to the extensive testing processes. We are deep into the final stages of pre-production and heading toward mass production, which is the focus of our attention today.

All of the VCS hardware, including the controllers, are currently being tested for functionality and reliability, receiving final tweaks as needed. We are also in the final stages of software development and ramping up our efforts to onboard additional game and app developers.

In terms of software, our Atari VCS GUI and storefront is being developed in Unity and is almost complete. The Atari VCS is fully compatible with the Unity game engine, which powers almost 50 percent of the world’s games, and we are working closely with Unity to ensure that their large and talented developer community has the resources and support it needs to bring the best games and apps to the Atari VCS platform. We have several studios lined up for the VCS launch window and will have more to say about them and their titles when we are closer to retail launch.

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