Modern Controller: Package Contents
Posted by Luis Vera on 08 September 2020 01:58 PM


*  Atari VCS Wireless Modern Controller

*  USB Play/Charge Cable


*  Bluetooth wireless

*  Rechargeable

*  PC/Mobile compatible

*  Rumble



1. Connect your Atari VCS Wireless Modern Controller to the Atari VCS using the USB Play/Charge cable.

2. Power on your Atari VCS.

3. When the Atari VCS recognizes the controller, it will display a message on the screen.



1. Power on your Atari VCS.

2. Wait for the Atari logo animation to finish playing.

3. You will see a flashing blue icon on the screen to indicate that the VCS is seeking a connection.

4. Press and Hold the Atari Fuji logo button on the controller until you see a message on your monitor that the Atari VCS has recognized and connected to the controller.

Once a controller is paired, it will auto-connect when next powered on by simply pressing the Atari Fuji logo button. The fuji will flash slowly, and after a few seconds, you will see a message at the top of the Atari VCS screen indicating the Joystick is connected. The battery will need to be recharged occasionally by plugging into the USB.



1. The Atari Fuji logo button in the center of the controller:

   * Flashing quickly on and off = attempting to pair via Bluetooth

   * Flashing slowly on and off = attempting to reconnect via Bluetooth or if connected via USB

   * Steady glow = powered on

2. Four vertical LED lights:

   * One LED = 0 to 25% battery life

   * Two LEDs = 26 to 50% battery life

   * Three LED = 51 to 75% battery life

   * Four LEDs = 76 to 100% battery life



To charge the controller, connect your Atari VCS Wireless Modern Controller to the Atari VCS using the USB Play/Charge cable. Plug the male mini-USB connector into the controller, and plug the male USB connector into any available USB port on the Atari VCS. You can also charge the controller via the USB port on a computer, and most standard USB wall chargers.


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