Atari Club FAQ

Q: What is Atari Club?

A: The Atari Club is a multimedia membership platform designed to be the convergence point where nostalgic charm meets contemporary gaming. It is designed to pay homage to the classic era of gaming that Atari pioneered, while also serving as a launchpad for new, innovative experiences that align with today's digital landscape.

Q: Why join the Atari Club?

A: Atari Club members enjoy a host of exclusive benefits, including access to special games, unique experiences, merchandise, community interactions, and voting rights on the future of Atari. The Club offers a seamless, engaging, and rewarding environment, encouraging members to compete in competitions, connect with the community, and build a unique Atari Club identity.

Q: Does the Atari Club use blockchain technology?

A: Yes, blockchain is at the heart of Atari X and will be key to the Atari Club going forward. We believe that blockchain  will form a fundamental part of gaming in the future and we intend to remain at the forefront of that transition.

Q: Do I need to understand blockchain/web3 to join the Atari Club?
A: No! We are building the Club so you won’t even realize you’re interacting with the blockchain.  It’s intuitive and easy to use. 

Q: Where can I check it out?
A: Visit us at